I Have Nothing to Bring to the Table…a tale of a T-shirt…

They say that you never have a second chance to make a first impression, and that a first impression is usually pretty telling about someone’s behavior.  So when I saw the man tonight at the club wearing this shirt that I have pictured above…perhaps I should’ve taken that as a way of him telling me that, Yes, it’s true…he really had nothing to bring to the table.

“What’s up with the shirt?” I asked.

“I’m angry at the world and at society?” he said.

“Oh well that’s too bad,” I said-trying to make a friendly effort to lessen whatever was bothering him.  “Have you seen the new Facebook movie?  How do you think Facebook affects society?”

He then buried his head in his hands…maybe Facebook or some other social network site had scorned him.  I guess that was not the right thing to say.  One by one, his friends converged up and away to the VIP level of the club…but not him.

“Aren’t you coming?”  I said.

“No…I just can’t.  I just hate society has become.  I’m sorry.”

“Well then your shirt is right isn’t it.  I guess you really don’t have anything to bring to the table.”  Conversation over.

Perhaps next time I see a shirt with any blatant statement such as that, I should steer clear.  Lesson learned.

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