Oh…this was a nice surprise!

I’d like to thank this person for liking my blog, and plugging my blog:

Click here (no it’s not porn or spam and it will not harm your computer)

What a pleasant and unexpected surprise to come home to reading that.  I was just thinking, “What should I write about today…hmmm?”  and there you have it!  So thank you…whoever you are.  Thank you.


Is this wrong?  I wanted to have a puppy party. I was going to have it this next week, and what happens is that a woman comes to your house with a boxful of puppies that you can play with and maybe even “adopt” (for a lot of money…so is that really even considered adopting?).  They do not come from puppy mills, etc…and are “happy” and “well cared for” according to the site.  They should have something like a “dog party” for people to adopt older animals that really need homes.  But something just really seemed fascinating and magical about someone carting over a box of puppies to my apartment that I could play with for a little bit (they even clean up after them).  They should also have a “baby party”, where you can play with babies for a bit, and then just give them back to the parents…but I guess that’s what day care is called.


I’ve had six Red Bulls tonight…God help me.

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