Coffee and Sweats at Tiffany’s…

Someone told me recently that it was insinuated that Holy Golightly was a call girl in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  I never liked the song by Deep Blue Something all that much, as it’s been overplayed a million times in just about every karaoke and strip club I’ve ever worked in.


A sure fire way to be ignored at any major designer boutique or department store, in this case, Tiffany’s…just wear workout clothes and no makeup.  Carry an inconspicuous non-label bag.  Doing this is bad and good.

A.  BAD: You will not be harassed or acknowledged by any of the employees-at least the female ones.  They will be aloof.

B.  GOOD:  They won’t pressure you because odds are, they think that you’ve got no money to spend if you’re dressed in a certain way.

Business tip…usually some of the best clientele out there in the club/restaurant/retail industry, don’t ALWAYS flaunt their salaries by donning pretentious labels.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

So, with that being said…I sauntered into Tiffany’s the other day and went straight to the second floor-sweats and all.  No one really looked at me, maybe I was the one who was looking away, feeling a bit awkward and underdressed.  I finally approached an older woman who seemed friendly, non-judgemental and willing to help me.  She explained the difference between wedding bands and engagement rings.  The whole thing seems a bit excessive to me.  TWO rings?

“I just want something simple, like a band.  Is that against the rules?” I asked.  I don’t care if it is though…I’ll simply make my own.

“Oh that’s just what I wear.” she said showing me hers-the simple band that was WELL over $2,000 that I ended up trying on to suss out.  I didn’t love it.  I really didn’t love the price.  It seemed generic.  Was I going to put the ring on hold?  She wanted to know…

“Oh I really don’t think I can do that right now, but thank you very much for being patient with me and helping.  I don’t know much about this stuff, thank you very much though.”  I got up and walked away feeling foolish, not knowing the  etiquette about this sort of thing.

“Oh…wait.”  She called after me.  “Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.  Here’s my card.”  She passed it to me.

“I’m Randi  Newton.” I said shaking her hand.

“My name is Patience.”


I do not NOT not…want a Tiffany ring.  I was going for research.  The lesson learned in this was someone in an unexpected manner taking the time to practice patience with me and not judge me for wearing sweats and toting a venti Starbucks drink into one of the fanciest jewelry places out there.

I’d rather have something amazing and unique…I’d be happy if it came from a gumball machine.  It’s not really about the ring, at least to me, it’s about what it represents.


Whoa did I just get all deep and write that?  Dear God….what’s happening to me 😉

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