Well…This Week Kind of Blew…

What a week.

Photo: Circa October 2009…being a “poser” in Weho at brunch at the Four Seasons.  The coffee was so strong I was high.


More than 5 years ago, but less than 8, I was riding in a taxi cab very late at night/early am.  The driver was a nicer older gentleman asking me all kinds of questions, and sharing his thoughts, and views on important life lessons, etc…I remember very vividly as he dropped me off in front of my apartment, he said:  “I hope and wish you to have a wonderful life.  Odds are, we will never see each other again.”  I was taken aback and I wished him the same.  He was right.  I haven’t seen him since…Here’s a deep thought for you, my readers, to ponder:  Sometimes we never know if when we’re seeing someone if that’s going to be the last time.  Life is a mysterious and precious thing.  Time flies, and all of that stuff.  I’m just grateful to be present for it.

Okay…I’ll chipper this blog up.

One lesson I learned this week is that I am not a day person.  If becoming a vampire was an option or not sacrilegious I’d go for it.  I worked from noon until eight pm tonight and thanks to the constant stream of coffee and, Sugar Free Red Bull of course, it’s still in my system and I cannot sleep.  There was a bit of an issue regarding me being not allowed to have a Red Bull (I had two yesterday and I guess that was a problem), but after getting permission from two managers it ended up being okay.  Was it worth it?  Well it’s 6:00am and I cannot sleep…so maybe not.


On a COMPLETELY cheesy note…I do like this John Legend song.  I had a drunk guy quote the lyrics to me once in a very dramatic way on a date-he thought we were “taking it slow”…but I wasn’t taking it anywhere.  This video could also make for an excellent Beneton Ad…as it’s multi-cultural.

Cheeseola…but I can be in that kind of mood today.

Thanks for your reading and patience.  Thank you for your kind words and condolences…they have meant a lot and i’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to each and every one of you quite yet.


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