The Most Amazing Invention Since Sliced Bread…

I got a Roku the other day.  Let me tell you my friends.  It’s a pretty amazing invention.  If you subscribe to Netflix, it allows you to get UNLIMITED streaming films that go directly from your computer to the Roku which is hooked up to your television.  It’s really a magical thing.  There are “channels” that come with the Roku, like Pandora, Amazon Movies (but Netflix is way cheaper and BETTER!), and even LIVE coverage of Nasa!-however, when I’ve tried to watch that free channel it’s just a bunch of really boring press conferences, no astronauts in space! Boo 😦

There are even secret porn channels! (this is not a free channel fyi…)

Now if you want one of these AMAZING Roku machines, just send me a message on here, or via Facebook and I can send you a coupon so you can get a discount!

How totally awesome is that!!?!

Anyways…thanks again for all of your kind words regarding my Grandmother.  Thank you for reading my blog.

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