Much Love…and remembering….

Well…prepare yourselves.  This is going to be a Debbie Downer blog…

My grandmother passed away this morning.  I’m beyond sad, as is the rest of my family.  She had a very full and happy life, and I have some really amazing memories of her.

She suffered a stroke seven years ago.  Her chances of survival then were not good…but she was a strong lady, pushed through, then yesterday-seven years later, from the last one-she had another one, but this time they could not wake her up.

She died peacefully in her sleep this morning.  What’s heartbreaking is she and my grandfather were together for 60 years.  I think that one of their first dates was at a roller skating rink.  They both looked like moviestars.  She used to rub vaseline on her face often before she’d go to bed.  She had piercing blue eyes.  I only heard her use a bad word once.  It was sh*t.

My grandfather is beside himself with sadness.  Imagine losing your partner of 60 years…

Please send thoughts and prayers to my family…tell yours how much you love them.

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