The Most Fattening Appetizer at a Restaurant in the WORLD…

Well…maybe not the WORLD.  But according to Men’s Health, Eat This Not That, it’s certainly right up there…

I went to Outback Steakhouse last night.  Growing up in the Midwest, there are two “fancy” places to go to.  Olive Garden, and Outback.  I remember going to Olive Garden before prom once-and thought it was simply delicious and I was living it up.

Now I go to these places as a joke. (no offense Midwesterners).  I love Outback and O.G. but in New York City there are a MILLION restaurants to choose from, and I can get a real Italian meal from somewhere in Little Italy for a fraction of the price-minus the unlimited breadsticks and salad of course…but I can deal with that.

I had the world famous Bloomin’ Onion for an appetizer/meal…for a whopping 1,560 calories-I also had a salad with enough ranch dressing to feed a small country.

The WORST appetizer in the world, are the Cheese Fries at Outback. 2,140 Calories!!  That’s more than someone is supposed to eat in a day.  Wow.  I didn’t get the fries…but the thought of drenching them in Ranch dressing as well…makes me oddly hungry.  Wrong I know.  (the person who took the picture above had the same idea too apparently…mmm YEAH!)

I’ve had nothing but juice and coffee today to try and “detox” from the binge last night.

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