Blueprint Cleanse is OVER…and now, back to our regular, semi-meaningless, content-aka-I Was a Phone Psychic Once (a fake one).

It’s over…it’s done.  The Cleanse wasn’t for me.  Now back to blogging about my “normal” weird stuff I usually blog about until I can think of something that will once again peak the interest of the masses.


My boyfriend and I went to some street psychics the other night.  We were bored, and knew it would mostly be a lot of nonsense, but wanted to see what they would say.

Psychic’s HATE me…well the fake ones do-because they probably know that like them, I’m full of sh*t.

I used to work for a very popular phone psychic hotline back in the day-and guess what….I’m NOT psychic.  I can talk, pick up information, from people.  The BIGGEST MISTAKE people give fortune tellers are too many answers to their questions, too many facial expressions, reactions, when we approached the two “gypsies” on the street, my boyfriend was given a reading by the young “20” year old fortune teller (we decided later on that she was probably 17)-and I was told that her mother would be reading mine in their upstairs apartment.  My boyfriend and I looked at each other as I went into this strangers apartment, I was a little nervous that I’d be killed, but doubted that would happen-expecting an older woman with gray hair and a crystal ball-but instead was greeted by an extremely attractive woman who appeared to be close to my age.

She didn’t like me.

I sat throughout the reading nodding my head.  Expressing no emotion-besides thanks to my botox I’m sure there wasn’t any emotion she could pick up on.  Then TWICE she said.

“You are a materialistic person who fills the void inside with possessions.  Only possessions fill the void, temporarily, then it comes back.”  I just nodded and said “Ok”.  Wondering if she knew the extent of my “possessions” were cases of sparkling water, dream water, Starbucks Coffee, Red Bull, and maybe the occasional shopping binge at Old Navy or H&M.  I was wearing a $12 Target shirt and carrying a Gap tote that I got on sale for $20.  Seriously…WTF.

Then she said a bunch of general stuff, like money would be coming to me, that I had a falling out with a friend (another blank I drew from that statement), and that something “very special” had been taken from me as a child…nope…couldn’t think of anything that fit that either.  Her daughter said the same thing to my boyfriend I was later told.

She brought up me being materialistic again, I spoke up:

“Uhh…I don’t think I’m really like that, but okay.”

“Well that’s what I’m picking up on.” she said.  “Over the past year you look in the mirror and don’t recognize what you see.”

“Hmm….okay.”  I said and smiled and the reading was over.  Maybe she’s right…thanks to botox I no longer have those annoying frown lines on my forehead.  That has to be it.

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