Blueprint Cleanse Review…the first day.

Well…I’m alive, and cranky.  The juice is delicious and semi-filling…the juice “bar”-a raw food bar, is quite yummy and maybe I’m more hungry than I really am because I’m thinkng about what I cannot eat.

I emailed the Blueprint people to tell them I would be blogging about my experience and I’ve received several emails today from them that are identical-reminding me how “to do” the cleanse.  Umm…thanks (?) One was plenty.  Maybe some people become delirious during a cleanse and need to be reminded.

I was in the East VIllage earlier and bought some of my favorite caramels.  I’m REALLY tempted to eat some, but I think I’d have an insane sugar high that would surely drive others around me to drink.

All I really want to do is sleep.  If I take a nap, I won’t think about food or be hungry.

As the day winds down and I finish the last of my juice and the “raw meals” and “raw treats” that I’m allowed to consume, I may post again later if I feel up to it.

All in all…so far this is NOT a bad experience…it’s a bit annoying.  I do not recommend doing ANYTHING while on a juice cleanse-leaving the house just makes me want to eat everything in site.  Not to mention I need to be by the restroom from all of the herbal tea and water I’m drinking.


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