BluePrint Cleanse REVIEW day two…(part one?

Well…I admit it.  I admit defeat.

Juice cleanses and fasts are NOT for EVERYONE, and I think I’m one of those people.

There is nothing wrong with the juice it tastes great.  I look slender, and by the end of my first day I’ve gotten rid of the bloating in my tummy that was annoying me-I’m not on this cleanse to lose a LOT of weight, but was hoping to jump start my goal of losing five pounds.


After I posted last night, I proceeded to eat six small salt water caramels..they were AMAZING!  They weren’t part of the cleanse, obviously, but I didn’t feel guilty.

I was light headed and started feeling high for the rest of the evening and passed out after doing a shot of Dream Water while watching “The Jersey Shore”, then woke up WAY too early with lots of energy this morning.

My first thoughts were, “Wow I feel great!”  then…”Oh no, the earlier I wake up the more hungrier I’ll be over the day.”  So I tried to fall back asleep, I finally gave in and did get out of bed earlier, considering my night owl schedule and now I’m enjoying some espresso with chocolate soy milk..which is NOT part of the cleanse, but again, I’m not feeling guilty.


I may post later again today, I plan on trying to follow this thing even though I’m kind of a space cadet and confining myself to my apartment.


I will say that I’ve learned a few things just from attempting this 2 day cleanse thing:

I am a wimp.  I LOVE food.

I’m like a white Oprah, I can gain and lose weight really fast.

Thank goodness I’m not a part of a religion that encourages fasting, because God would be very annoyed with me.

More later…thanks again for reading.

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