BluePrint Cleanse REVIEW…aka…this is NOT for me!

Well…I seemed to be doing okay on the cleanse-or so I thought-HOWEVER after an intervention from others around me experiencing my horrific mood swings, I am now going to Starbucks to get the pumpkin loaf I’ve been thinking about all day.

Thanks to everyone who sent me the kind words of support…saying “You can do this.”  Well, I know I can, but it wasn’t fun and it’s not like I’m preparing for anything.  I cannot even imagine who would sanely participate in a Bridal Juice Cleanse omg.  Talk about Bridezilla.

I still have juice left that I did try to give away to my Facebook friends, no one wanted it, so I’m using the remaining juice for the rest of the weekend, but incorporating food into it.  I still got results from “cheating” yesterday, and I broke rules EVERY day doing Insanity (which I may review in the next few days for the fun of it.) and still managed to lose 15 pounds…so I think I’ll be just fine.

All in all maybe eating a pumpkin loaf from Starbucks isn’t the best thing to eat after a juice cleanse…but I do not care.  Thanks for reading…and more blogs to come.  Email me with any further questions about my experience if you wish.

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