BluePrint Cleanse Review (part one-PRE review)

So I am doing a juice cleanse starting tomorrow for only TWO days.  I have never successfully completed a juice cleanse before, so we shall see what happens.  I am doing BluePrint Cleanse’s “Juice Til Dinner” variation, which means I’ll get to eat a wee bit of raw food.  It’s in my fridge right now…and so far it looks pretty yummy.

I start tomorrow, so check back and I’ll post how it’s going.  I THINK coffee is allowed on this, so I should be okay.  You are supposed to refrain from booze-which I am doing 100%-but I’ve heard that if one MUST partake in drinking that the best thing to drink are clear spirits-(I heard this via Jackie Warner who now has a new show on Bravo called Thintervention)-anyhoo.  I’ll keep all posted.  I don’t plan on doing ANYTHING while on the cleanse except laying around and watching television and maybe doing some abs.

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