Whatever Happened To Lizzie Grubman?…

The other night at work I had a conversation with a man who was notified via, one of my co-workers, that I was the “Wall Street Stripper” .  It went a little something like this:

HIM: You were on the cover of the Post?

ME: Yes.

HIM: Uh…are you famous?

ME: Well…I’m like Lizzie Grubman famous, but a little different story.

HIM: Who’s Lizzie Grubman?

This man was Canadian and really really intoxicated so of course he didn’t know about New York Pop Culture.

In 2001, Grubman was all over the press for a hot 16 minutes.  She still has a successful PR firm -and shortly after she did her Warhol, and then some, she’s gone on to live a normal life.  I’ve heard she’s an excellent business woman-I nearly worked with her-but the stars didn’t align at the time.  She twitters and from what I’ve heard time has tamed the wild child.  But the above is so true: Not All Press is Good Press…for various reasons.  I am well aware that Lizzie may see this post.  We have mutual friends, and I post this with the utmost respect.

Tired…wired from my Sugar Free Red Bulls…I cannot believe it’s already September…Excited to be working on the new website…keep reading…more to come.  Follow me on twitter…although I’ve been told I’m boring and post enough variety…so be it.

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