The Botox Has Settled…True Blood…Vampires…Why Can’t We Live Forever…

The botox has settled in nicely along with the juvederm.  Some people I know would rather shoot their cash up their noses or drink it…but I prefer to inject my “poison” into my face.

Getting older scares me.  Mortality scares me.  Sometimes when I’m watching “True Blood” on HBO, I think to myself, “It would be awesome being a vampire, you never get old, you can live forever-I don’t think you’d need botox, but I also think you’d have to “turn” at a younger age to look forever young, it’s probably a great way to acquire a lot of savings and I’d eventually be able to afford a swank townhouse in NYC…”…but then again there’s the whole scareligious aspect to Vampirirism, and the whole drinking blood thing, and killing people, which I’m not into.  Not to mention the whole thing doesn’t seem realistic in some ways, although working in the night club industry certainly makes a lot of sense for vampires, so I really wouldn’t have to worry about finding a new line of work.

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