Does Botox Hurt? Botox Purgatory…

I’m in what some medical professionals call “Botox Purgatory” at the moment…that’s the time span of three days from when you get it, until it settles in…slowly immobilizing the muscles in your forehead, eye area, etc…you know…wherever you have the Doctor inject it.

Does botox hurt?  Nah…not really, but it’s kind of uncomfortable.

I spent my afternoon with Dr. Adam Mauer as he injected me with Botox and Juvederm.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’m not afraid to admit that I get these things done.  The secret is to not OVERDO them.  Dr. Adam always makes sure that his patients are happy and don’t walk away looking like the “Cat Lady”.  People often tell me, “You don’t need botox…” I say, “That’s because I already have it.”


My birthday is next week…I’m approaching a pretty big year…oy.  I found a link to someone’s Flickr account with a pic of me when I first moved to NYC HEREI moved to New York about a decade ago…wow.  At least attempting to “stay young” in the entertainment industry is a tax write-off.  More later this week.  My face feels like a pin cushion and I’m sleepy.

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