No Expo for me this year…

I was scheduled to take a trip to the West Coast for two weeks.  Part of it to check out my old stomping grounds in Los Angeles…then I realized that I hate traffic in LA and I hate renting cars, and I was already looking forward to coming back to New York…so that was a sign right there that maybe I didn’t really WANT to go.

I was also supposed to go to the ED MAGAZINE Expo in Las Vegas.  I decided to not attend this year.  If you are going and want more info check out this link: EXOTIC DANCER MAGAZINE

To those who are going and participating, have a wonderful time and drink some booze for me.


I am working on the screenplay I’ve been hired to write and I scheduled a trip to see my family in Nebraska instead…THAT’S a sign of growing up.  When you skip out on Vegas to go to the Midwest.  I also had a pow wow with my fabulous literary agent today and we brainstormed…more to come soon…so stay tuned.


Instead of blogging about the expo happening’s, as I’ve done the past few years, I will instead be blogging about some different places I’ve worked over the time I’ve spent in the club business.

Thanks again for reading…


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