An Ambien-esque post about Scrunchies, Magicians, and Christopher Walken, and some interesting crap about what’s coming next…

Can you consider yourself having “insomnia”, if you do something to provoke it?  Like in my case, once again daring to challenge the Red Bull?  Just when you think you’re crashing on it…no…you’re really not.  So yeah…I consumed a number of Sugar Free Red Bulls tonight.  I have popped a sleeping aid which shall hopefully help me enter the land of nod shortly.  If anything it has my mind abuzz with all kinds of interesting post slumber thoughts…


No magicians have been in the club lately, at least not to my knowledge.  I did see a magician the other day trying to “entice” potential patrons to enter a restaurant on 9th Ave.  I met him years ago at a bar where he did some trick with a ball and a cup and a card with a napkin with the precise time the magic trick had ended on it, complete with my name and what card I was holding.  He made a business card magically “appear” and gave it to me, saying something very simple like “Mike’s Magic!” (not his real name but something catchy and similar to that)  he wore a black leather fanny pack.  Of course before the magic tricks were performed, he made sure to buy everyone drinks and shots.  I think the key to successfully pulling off a magic show in a bar is to get everyone drunk.  Most of these tricks are done by slight of hand, the more coherent you are…the more apt you can pick up on it.  I have no idea why I’m obsessed with magicians lately.  I’m just glad I haven’t seen any clowns.  I think that would violate a dress code or something in the club.


I know there was an episode about Scrunchies a few years back on “Sex and The City”, not being “acceptable” to wear in the city-or on the West coast.  I think this is unfortunate.  I don’t necessarily love the way scrunchies look, but they are certainly amazing to wear to bed and to the gym, they really do a great job of holding hair comfortably in place without any ponytail creases…I don’t even know if I have the balls to try wearing one outside of my house.

Click HERE for more on Scrunchies!!!

Okay…I think it’s officially time for me to try and get some sleep.  It appears the sleeping meds are making me loopy.  Don’t judge too harshly.



And YES…I’m STILL plugging the show I’m in ALL ABOUT WALKEN.  It has been extended, and if you love Christopher Walken, you’ll LOVE this show!  I’ve been really proud and to be a part of it.


Hired to adapt my first screenplay.  It has NOTHING to do with gentlemen’s clubs, and will be sure to blow your mind…details on that soon.


A NEW blog series I’ve been working on will be released starting next week, titled, “To All the Clubs I’ve Loved/Worked Before…”  It’s release comes along with another announcement that I’ll be making then as well…(nothing too shocking…but more so of a revelation of sorts)

And now…I enter the land of nod….ugh…7:30am…Good morning…and Good night!

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