Magicians and Clowns…

I have had always had a weird fear of circus clowns.  It’s a combination of fear and annoyance I suppose.

The movie “IT”, made me think of clowns as scary-although I never saw it, the poster terrified me.  Bozo the Clown…creeped me out, and OF COURSE John Wayne Gacy…that’s really what ruined clowns for me.  That and the mean clown I met at an Omaha grocery store in the early 90’s.  His name was “OK”, and he ran around with a stamp that said, “I’m OK!” with a smiley face on it, stamping childrens hands.  I was a teen, and he was clearly un-happy to be at a Nebraska supermarket…perhaps things with Ringling Brothers didn’t work out for him, and he was discontent being employed as a birthday party/grocery store/public access television form of entertainment.


One of the last times I went home to visit my family we went to Cirque De Solei, and I discovered that my mom shares the same annoyance with clowns as I do.  Before the show they ran into the crowd. My mom and I were disgusted and relieved that they didn’t bother us.  If you’re a clown reading this, no offense, I just don’t understand how someone could be passionate about being a clown.  Some people attend CLOWN COLLEGE There’s a school for everything out there I guess…

Apparently, I’ve decided to blog about this during NATIONAL CLOWN WEEK

It’s the first week of August…talk about perfect timing.


In addition to not understanding one’s passion for being a clown.  I also wonder why people become magicians.  Again..if you are a magician reading this and are offended, I apologize…but for some reason, magician’s have been frequenting Ricks more often than usual lately.  I support your passion, and I think it’s great that you love magic and can do all kinds of cool crazy card tricks, but in all seriousness, please test your magic tricks on people at other venues, and not while I’m trying to work.  It’s a bit distracting.

I admit I had a crush on David Copperfield up until recently.  It all ended when I met him at his birthday party at TAO years ago, and he dissed me for a tall blonde.  I was bummed…but knew that it wasn’t meant to be…and he had this intense “gaze” or magicians stare that just wasn’t appealing in person.  In fact, I think these men prefer to be called “illusionists”.  Criss Angel is entertaining for me to watch for the cheesiness factor. David Blaine has created a niche where he has perfected both street magic, and acts of physical endurance.  His underwater “stunt” was not easy for me to watch…don’t watch it if you have a water phobia.

Yes, it’s awesome that you can hold your breath underwater…but I don’t know what you’re trying to prove other than, “Look at what I can do.”

If you love magic you can become a member at the MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood.  I drove by it numerous times when I lived out there.  They try to keep things very secretive there, not much info on their site.  I wonder if the David’s and Criss chill there.


When my sister was 6 my mom hired a magician to do some tricks at her birthday party.  One of them went horribly wrong=it involved doves being in a little box with a trap door-he made the doves “disappear”, part of the trap door opened and it looked as if they were getting crushed and the children were mortified.

The next birthday party for my other sister, my mom hired a man who brought a little monkey over, who had a baby monkey on it’s back…that party was far more successful.  It wore a little cowboy outfit and a diaper to avoid any accidents.

I think my biggest fear and annoyance would come to fruition if there was a magician clown out there.  That would scare me.  I have no doubt that they exist.


You can still get tickets for ALL ABOUT WALKEN I am not in every performance, but every performance has been sold out so far, so get your tickets.

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