The Bachelorette…Mindless, guilty pleasure, reality tv…etc…


For starters…there should’ve been a stylist on this season of “The Bachelorette” to help Ali maintain her hair extensions and roots.  Other than that, I don’t really believe that one can find real, true, genuine love on television.

These people are thrown into a house for 90 days to “compete” for one lucky Bachelor or Bachelorette that basically gets to slut around for that time until they pick their fave person to settle down with-their relationships usually don’t last much longer than the duration of the show, because once they air the episodes the “sluttiness” of the main character is revealed and all hell breaks loose.  A lot of the “contestants” on the show don’t even really like the person that they’re all vying for…it ultimately turns into a competition.

I was once on a trashy reality dating show called “Elimidate”…I was broke and needed the $250 it paid.  It was a 24 hour ordeal, and I told myself that as long as I didn’t get wasted on camera or make out with anyone on camera, I’d be okay.  It was, yours truly, and three other girls fighting for the attention of one guy, who I knew immediately upon meeting that I had no interest in whatsoever…but I found myself obsessed with “winning” the show, “winning” the date with this guy I didn’t even like, because that’s what competition is all about.  When I was eliminated I was angry and yelled at the guy, then I felt foolish because I didn’t like him at all.  Point being…I think these dating shows that end in engagement, etc…are highly entertaining, but ridiculous.

Okay…SO if you watched “The Bachelorette” finale, this is what I think.  I think Ali slept with Roberto on the final overnight date before the rose ceremony and that sealed the deal.  I do think her breaking up with Chris before the rose ceremony was a nice thing to do.  She did have some pretty magical dates with Roberto.  They performed in “The Lion King” on Broadway, stayed in different Hilton Hotels all around the world, and went jetskiing in Tahiti…you know, typical realistic things that one does in a time span of 90 days that determine whether or not you’re going to marry someone.

I seriously think that if you put 20 men in a room with 1 woman, she’d find SOMEONE to settle for in a short amount of time.  It makes for great television.

I can’t wait for “The Bachelor Pad” to begin next week!

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