The Botox Has Settled…True Blood…Vampires…Why Can’t We Live Forever…

The botox has settled in nicely along with the juvederm.  Some people I know would rather shoot their cash up their noses or drink it…but I prefer to inject my “poison” into my face.

Getting older scares me.  Mortality scares me.  Sometimes when I’m watching “True Blood” on HBO, I think to myself, “It would be awesome being a vampire, you never get old, you can live forever-I don’t think you’d need botox, but I also think you’d have to “turn” at a younger age to look forever young, it’s probably a great way to acquire a lot of savings and I’d eventually be able to afford a swank townhouse in NYC…”…but then again there’s the whole scareligious aspect to Vampirirism, and the whole drinking blood thing, and killing people, which I’m not into.  Not to mention the whole thing doesn’t seem realistic in some ways, although working in the night club industry certainly makes a lot of sense for vampires, so I really wouldn’t have to worry about finding a new line of work.

Rick’s NYC Named Northeast Club of the Year…

Yes…I’ve simply cut and paste the below…Go Rick’s!  YAY Ricks!

Rick’s Cabaret NYC Chosen As “Best Gentlemen’s Club In Northeast”

LAS VEGAS – (August 27, 2010) – Rick’s Cabaret New York City was chosen as the #1 gentlemen’s club in the Northeast this week at the Gentlemen’s Club Expo. The night club at 50 West 33rd Street is part of the Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. [NASDAQ-GM:RICK] group of upscale clubs.

Club general manager Ken Sistrunk accepted the award at the 2010 ED Awards Show on Tuesday, August 24th in the Grand Ballroom at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The ED’s Awards nominees are determined by a ballot of previous ED Awards winners and nominees, as well as by select industry professionals.

In addition to the award for Best Club in the Northeast, Stefan Ghica, a popular bartender at Rick’s Cabaret New York City, was chosen as Employee of the Year. Stefan works the main bar on the cabaret floor of the club and is a favorite of both customers and waitresses for his warm personality and unflappable attention to service even at the busiest times.

With three floors of non-stop entertainment and a roof top cigar lounge that has spectacular views of the Empire State Building, the club features 75 entertainers seven nights a week and is a trendy lunch spot for business executives who enjoy its $10 three-course gourmet weekday lunch special prepared at the highly rated Rick’s Cabaret Steak House. Conveniently located near MadisonSquare Gardenand Penn Station the club is preparing to celebrate its fifth anniversary with a gala party on October 14th.

About Rick’s Cabaret:
Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RICK) is home to upscale adult nightclubs serving primarily businessmen and professionals that offer live entertainment, dining and bar operations. Nightclubs in New York City, Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and other cities operate under the names “Rick’s Cabaret,” “XTC,” “Club Onyx” and “Tootsie’s Cabaret”. Sexual contact is not permitted at these locations. Rick’s Cabaret also operates a media division, ED Publications, and owns the adult internet membership website as well as a network of online adult auction sites under the flagship URL Rick’s Cabaret common stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol RICK. For further information contact

Contact: Allan Priaulx, 212-338-0050,

Does Botox Hurt? Botox Purgatory…

I’m in what some medical professionals call “Botox Purgatory” at the moment…that’s the time span of three days from when you get it, until it settles in…slowly immobilizing the muscles in your forehead, eye area, etc…you know…wherever you have the Doctor inject it.

Does botox hurt?  Nah…not really, but it’s kind of uncomfortable.

I spent my afternoon with Dr. Adam Mauer as he injected me with Botox and Juvederm.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’m not afraid to admit that I get these things done.  The secret is to not OVERDO them.  Dr. Adam always makes sure that his patients are happy and don’t walk away looking like the “Cat Lady”.  People often tell me, “You don’t need botox…” I say, “That’s because I already have it.”


My birthday is next week…I’m approaching a pretty big year…oy.  I found a link to someone’s Flickr account with a pic of me when I first moved to NYC HEREI moved to New York about a decade ago…wow.  At least attempting to “stay young” in the entertainment industry is a tax write-off.  More later this week.  My face feels like a pin cushion and I’m sleepy.

The Yellow Rose Strip Club, The Expo, and what to do if a bat bites you…

DISCLAIMER: The following contains graphic descriptions of me being half dressed in public.  If you do not feel comfortable reading about it…then do not (this is a message for family members)…but I’m not posting any pics that are incriminating, or describing anything that is remotely porn-esque…in fact…you may actually enjoy reading this series to give you a little inside to how the business REALLY works.

This blog is Rated-PG-13…


My career in the gentlemen’s club business started a lot longer ago than many realize.  I first “dipped my toe” in the proverbial strip club pool when I went to visit a friend in Austin, Texas.  We were both somewhat broke, I was living off of unemployment, and the trip did end being a disaster when it was said and done, but we decided to do something FUN and CRAZY and become strippers at the famous YELLOW ROSE CLUB.

Nick Lachey had his bachelor party there a bajillion years ago (not the night I was there though).

The interior was very similar to that of a Denny’s on the inside (I haven’t been in since, so I have no idea what it looks like now)  I do remember they had the most amazing sweet iced tea.  Everyone was really nice there and fun to work with…I don’t recall making a ton of money, but it was definitely a fun experience.  You can be their “friend” on Facebook HERE.


My little three month old nephew was possibly bitten by a bat last night! 😦  They went to go check on the little guy, and I guess he had some “company”.  They got the bat out of the house and took the baby to emergency room.  He has to go through a series of FOUR rabies shots.  From what I’ve been told, the shots aren’t as painful as they used to be-as they had to be administered directly into one’s stomach.  I’m just sad that such a little baby has to go through that.  THANKFULLY! He’s doing fine though.  Who knew there were bats in Iowa?  I certainly didn’t.

Apparently bat bites are hard to detect and it’s not like a three month old can tell you that they’ve been bitten.  Better to be safe than sorry.


Hope everyone is having fun at the expo!  It’s not too late to check it out if you’re in Vegas!  Lots of fun after parties at Ricks as well!

No Expo for me this year…

I was scheduled to take a trip to the West Coast for two weeks.  Part of it to check out my old stomping grounds in Los Angeles…then I realized that I hate traffic in LA and I hate renting cars, and I was already looking forward to coming back to New York…so that was a sign right there that maybe I didn’t really WANT to go.

I was also supposed to go to the ED MAGAZINE Expo in Las Vegas.  I decided to not attend this year.  If you are going and want more info check out this link: EXOTIC DANCER MAGAZINE

To those who are going and participating, have a wonderful time and drink some booze for me.


I am working on the screenplay I’ve been hired to write and I scheduled a trip to see my family in Nebraska instead…THAT’S a sign of growing up.  When you skip out on Vegas to go to the Midwest.  I also had a pow wow with my fabulous literary agent today and we brainstormed…more to come soon…so stay tuned.


Instead of blogging about the expo happening’s, as I’ve done the past few years, I will instead be blogging about some different places I’ve worked over the time I’ve spent in the club business.

Thanks again for reading…


An Ambien-esque post about Scrunchies, Magicians, and Christopher Walken, and some interesting crap about what’s coming next…

Can you consider yourself having “insomnia”, if you do something to provoke it?  Like in my case, once again daring to challenge the Red Bull?  Just when you think you’re crashing on it…no…you’re really not.  So yeah…I consumed a number of Sugar Free Red Bulls tonight.  I have popped a sleeping aid which shall hopefully help me enter the land of nod shortly.  If anything it has my mind abuzz with all kinds of interesting post slumber thoughts…


No magicians have been in the club lately, at least not to my knowledge.  I did see a magician the other day trying to “entice” potential patrons to enter a restaurant on 9th Ave.  I met him years ago at a bar where he did some trick with a ball and a cup and a card with a napkin with the precise time the magic trick had ended on it, complete with my name and what card I was holding.  He made a business card magically “appear” and gave it to me, saying something very simple like “Mike’s Magic!” (not his real name but something catchy and similar to that)  he wore a black leather fanny pack.  Of course before the magic tricks were performed, he made sure to buy everyone drinks and shots.  I think the key to successfully pulling off a magic show in a bar is to get everyone drunk.  Most of these tricks are done by slight of hand, the more coherent you are…the more apt you can pick up on it.  I have no idea why I’m obsessed with magicians lately.  I’m just glad I haven’t seen any clowns.  I think that would violate a dress code or something in the club.


I know there was an episode about Scrunchies a few years back on “Sex and The City”, not being “acceptable” to wear in the city-or on the West coast.  I think this is unfortunate.  I don’t necessarily love the way scrunchies look, but they are certainly amazing to wear to bed and to the gym, they really do a great job of holding hair comfortably in place without any ponytail creases…I don’t even know if I have the balls to try wearing one outside of my house.

Click HERE for more on Scrunchies!!!

Okay…I think it’s officially time for me to try and get some sleep.  It appears the sleeping meds are making me loopy.  Don’t judge too harshly.



And YES…I’m STILL plugging the show I’m in ALL ABOUT WALKEN.  It has been extended, and if you love Christopher Walken, you’ll LOVE this show!  I’ve been really proud and to be a part of it.


Hired to adapt my first screenplay.  It has NOTHING to do with gentlemen’s clubs, and will be sure to blow your mind…details on that soon.


A NEW blog series I’ve been working on will be released starting next week, titled, “To All the Clubs I’ve Loved/Worked Before…”  It’s release comes along with another announcement that I’ll be making then as well…(nothing too shocking…but more so of a revelation of sorts)

And now…I enter the land of nod….ugh…7:30am…Good morning…and Good night!

Magicians and Clowns…

I have had always had a weird fear of circus clowns.  It’s a combination of fear and annoyance I suppose.

The movie “IT”, made me think of clowns as scary-although I never saw it, the poster terrified me.  Bozo the Clown…creeped me out, and OF COURSE John Wayne Gacy…that’s really what ruined clowns for me.  That and the mean clown I met at an Omaha grocery store in the early 90’s.  His name was “OK”, and he ran around with a stamp that said, “I’m OK!” with a smiley face on it, stamping childrens hands.  I was a teen, and he was clearly un-happy to be at a Nebraska supermarket…perhaps things with Ringling Brothers didn’t work out for him, and he was discontent being employed as a birthday party/grocery store/public access television form of entertainment.


One of the last times I went home to visit my family we went to Cirque De Solei, and I discovered that my mom shares the same annoyance with clowns as I do.  Before the show they ran into the crowd. My mom and I were disgusted and relieved that they didn’t bother us.  If you’re a clown reading this, no offense, I just don’t understand how someone could be passionate about being a clown.  Some people attend CLOWN COLLEGE There’s a school for everything out there I guess…

Apparently, I’ve decided to blog about this during NATIONAL CLOWN WEEK

It’s the first week of August…talk about perfect timing.


In addition to not understanding one’s passion for being a clown.  I also wonder why people become magicians.  Again..if you are a magician reading this and are offended, I apologize…but for some reason, magician’s have been frequenting Ricks more often than usual lately.  I support your passion, and I think it’s great that you love magic and can do all kinds of cool crazy card tricks, but in all seriousness, please test your magic tricks on people at other venues, and not while I’m trying to work.  It’s a bit distracting.

I admit I had a crush on David Copperfield up until recently.  It all ended when I met him at his birthday party at TAO years ago, and he dissed me for a tall blonde.  I was bummed…but knew that it wasn’t meant to be…and he had this intense “gaze” or magicians stare that just wasn’t appealing in person.  In fact, I think these men prefer to be called “illusionists”.  Criss Angel is entertaining for me to watch for the cheesiness factor. David Blaine has created a niche where he has perfected both street magic, and acts of physical endurance.  His underwater “stunt” was not easy for me to watch…don’t watch it if you have a water phobia.

Yes, it’s awesome that you can hold your breath underwater…but I don’t know what you’re trying to prove other than, “Look at what I can do.”

If you love magic you can become a member at the MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood.  I drove by it numerous times when I lived out there.  They try to keep things very secretive there, not much info on their site.  I wonder if the David’s and Criss chill there.


When my sister was 6 my mom hired a magician to do some tricks at her birthday party.  One of them went horribly wrong=it involved doves being in a little box with a trap door-he made the doves “disappear”, part of the trap door opened and it looked as if they were getting crushed and the children were mortified.

The next birthday party for my other sister, my mom hired a man who brought a little monkey over, who had a baby monkey on it’s back…that party was far more successful.  It wore a little cowboy outfit and a diaper to avoid any accidents.

I think my biggest fear and annoyance would come to fruition if there was a magician clown out there.  That would scare me.  I have no doubt that they exist.


You can still get tickets for ALL ABOUT WALKEN I am not in every performance, but every performance has been sold out so far, so get your tickets.

A Target Right here in NYC?

Some people have been posting the logo above on their Facebook profiles.  “Target-Regret”.

Not to offend anyone, but a Target opening in Manhattan is probably of the coolest things to happen since Zipcar was created.  I find K-Mart WAY more offensive than Target, and Wal-Mart to be only meant for suburbs.  Why are people so anti-Target in NYC?  I find the new TGI-Fridays in Union Square HIGHLY offensive and to be an eyesore, and to cause heartburn.  At least the new Target on E. 117th Street can bring shopping joy to people in Manhattan.  According to The New York Times, it’s gotten rave reviews, and far better than the attempted one on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn (one that my friends and I affectionately call Targhetto).  One of these days I’ll make it up there, hopefully I won’t get a nosebleed venturing so far up past 72nd street… 😉

The Bachelorette…Mindless, guilty pleasure, reality tv…etc…


For starters…there should’ve been a stylist on this season of “The Bachelorette” to help Ali maintain her hair extensions and roots.  Other than that, I don’t really believe that one can find real, true, genuine love on television.

These people are thrown into a house for 90 days to “compete” for one lucky Bachelor or Bachelorette that basically gets to slut around for that time until they pick their fave person to settle down with-their relationships usually don’t last much longer than the duration of the show, because once they air the episodes the “sluttiness” of the main character is revealed and all hell breaks loose.  A lot of the “contestants” on the show don’t even really like the person that they’re all vying for…it ultimately turns into a competition.

I was once on a trashy reality dating show called “Elimidate”…I was broke and needed the $250 it paid.  It was a 24 hour ordeal, and I told myself that as long as I didn’t get wasted on camera or make out with anyone on camera, I’d be okay.  It was, yours truly, and three other girls fighting for the attention of one guy, who I knew immediately upon meeting that I had no interest in whatsoever…but I found myself obsessed with “winning” the show, “winning” the date with this guy I didn’t even like, because that’s what competition is all about.  When I was eliminated I was angry and yelled at the guy, then I felt foolish because I didn’t like him at all.  Point being…I think these dating shows that end in engagement, etc…are highly entertaining, but ridiculous.

Okay…SO if you watched “The Bachelorette” finale, this is what I think.  I think Ali slept with Roberto on the final overnight date before the rose ceremony and that sealed the deal.  I do think her breaking up with Chris before the rose ceremony was a nice thing to do.  She did have some pretty magical dates with Roberto.  They performed in “The Lion King” on Broadway, stayed in different Hilton Hotels all around the world, and went jetskiing in Tahiti…you know, typical realistic things that one does in a time span of 90 days that determine whether or not you’re going to marry someone.

I seriously think that if you put 20 men in a room with 1 woman, she’d find SOMEONE to settle for in a short amount of time.  It makes for great television.

I can’t wait for “The Bachelor Pad” to begin next week!