Wunderful Kitchen…and other things that are “cooking”…

Here’s Becky Wunder’s latest video entry setting the record straight on her recent media mentionings.

Yay Becky!  you can check out more of her fab recipes and fun videos at WunderfulKitchen.com


On my front, I’m in rehearsals for All About Walken Super excited.  Of course there’s the rumor that Christophe Walken may show up…but part of me feels as if it’s like waiting for Guffman (although our show is WAY better than Red, White and Blaine).

Getting ready to attend the Expo in Vegas again this year.

Also, since being hired to write a screenplay-that’s an adaptation from a novel-I am making a home office.  I’ve tried writing at Starbucks…it’s distracting.  I’ve thought about renting office space, but then realized one of the luxuries of my apartment I have overlooked…the HUGE living room with windows and an amazing view…a pleasant sunny distraction in my new office.  Maybe I’ll take some pics and post them when I’m done…back to construction…

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