Louis XIIII Rare Cask…

I have never been so fascinated by a product before in my life.

They are only making THIRTY of these bottles available for purchase, and Rick’s Cabaret has acquired TWO of them.

Only certain staff members are allowed to even TOUCH this bottle and serve it, and when they do…they must wear white gloves and carry it out with a candle on a tray.  The bottle itself comes in a metal case and with a book about the history of the product.

It seems like a very, very intense cognac.  I started a rumor at work that if someone purchased a shot of this fine product, that a troupe of breakdancers would come out and do a routine…and I actually got a waitress and manager to believe this.  I’m sure that someone would gladly do a dance if one of these shots were sold though, if it was part of the incentive for the customer to buy it.

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