Product review DREAM WATER…

I figured since my last few entries have been whiny and annoying…I’d actually put something up that could “help” people…well…KIND of.

If you live in the greater NYC area, maybe you’ve seen Dream Water bottles at your deli, or at Duane Reade…if not, here’s a link to their site:

Dream Water

I’ve gotta say this stuff WORKS.  I’m not getting paid a cent from Dream Water for saying any of this.  I don’t know what’s in this magical shot that claims to be “all natural”, I’ve read the ingredients on the bottle, checked out their site.  This stuff works better than popping a benzo before bedtime, and you’re talking to someone who CHUGS Sugar Free Red Bull and caffeine like it’s her job.  I was super duper pleasantly surprised when I found a new sleep aid that works WAY better for me than your typical over the counter things.  Comparitively, I do not know how it measures up to Ambien, other than Ambien pretty much being a benzo and I don’t think it’s all natural.

If you go to their site you can get a free sample, you just have to pay for shipping.  I’m going to start ordering this stuff by the case!

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