Scratch My Back…

And I’ll scratch yours…

Usually I’m the one scratching, and when I “roll over” I’m told that the favor will not be returned.

I was brought up to do things out of the kindness of my heart, and to not do something expecting reciprocation.  But of course who WOULDN’T want a massage in return…you know?  Especially when someone dangles the carrot in front of you.


Don’t offer to put a link to my site if I help write and edit the entire bio on yours, and then…well NOT keep your word.  This is ONE example…I cannot get into detail for fear of offending the offenders…but they probably aren’t reading anyways.  I read theirs.  Don’t say things like, “Sorry I can’t plug your blog, my girlfriend would question how I met you, because I’ve “never been to a strip club”…but can we still have sex?”  Really? Like come on.

Enough of my whining.

If you have issues with the content and name of my blog, yet think that you still have something you can “squeeze” out of me…then maybe I should be flattered that you’re trying to use me.

On a completely different topic, “The Bachelorette” was really boring this week.  I usually love dating shows where one male or female gets to screw around with a dozen obsessed groupies…but this week…sucked.  

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