I knew I should’ve known something was up when I saw my online statement yesterday, having two weird charges in Ohio at a sports equipment store, totaling to $9.00…I thought it was weird but ignored it.  Then today I couldn’t ignore the two pending statements from ITALY…one being from an electronics store for around $980 bucks, and another for a little over $400 for a dumb sunglasses website.  I freaked out, called my bank, which had already frozen my card for me, due to the odd behavior.

I then found out my sister also had a weird charge this week on her card from London.  We both used Pay Pal this week to my knowledge, and I also heard that Itunes was hacked into on the fourth of July…hmmm…

Yeah I’ll get my money back…but it still sucks and I feel violated.



In addition to doing a play the first week of August here in NYC!  YAY!  More details to come…but if you like Christopher Walken it’s a must see titled, “All About Walken”.

I’m super duper thrilled about this.

and for the other big announcement…drum roll please….

I’ve been hired to co-write a screenplay (and no it’s not a porn)!  It’s an amazing project that I’m psyched about.  Something that will be different than anything else out there.  In addition to this project, I’m also working with the same production company in development.

So yeah…fun stuff happening here.

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