I was an extra in a music video part two…

I was in this video, as an extra, along with about 50 other people.  Our call time was at 5:30 am in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  A 90 minute drive from where I lived in Playa Del Rey.  I was told that I was going to be a “very featured part” of the video and it would only take “a few hours”…of COURSE I’d be there on time!


I was not even close to being featured even though they spent an exhorbant amount of time on my hair and makeup…not to mention I stood next to the pair of identical twins on set hoping for some good screen time…but unless you pause the video you cannot really see me.  I am fully dressed in a white Flamenco gown.  I was there for FOURTEEN hours, if not more.  The song is catchy though, and it was really cool to meet Sean Lennon.  If you like this song, the album is called Friendly Fire.


My boyfriend hasn’t won an Oscar yet.  

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