Sometimes I wish…

Sometimes I wish I were something completely different and unique, or maybe I wish that I had some cute and quirky physical attribute, like being 5’0…There’s something cute and little and fun about short girls.  People think they’re simply adorable.


At times I wish I had a cool accent…specifically Austrailian.  My bestie, M, has the most amazing accent.  The other night at dinner she ordered an “omelette with no tomato”.  Her voice made it sound like the most delicious meal ever.  If you have any Australian friends have them say, “I’ll have an omelette with no tomato.”  Music to my ears.


I went through a phase where I wished I was Asian.  All of my friends who are of Asian decent and pursuing an acting career, are doing amazingly well.  I made peace with the fact that I will never star as Kim in Miss Saigon, and I will never play the leading female role in Spring Awakening unless a casting director tries a REALLY different approach to those shows.


Growing up in Nebraska, I tried to get into a bar for karaoke, my Vietnamese friend I was with didn’t get carded and I did.  Being 19, I was extremely jealous that she could buy stuff such as beer, cigarettes, and get into karaoke bars, without getting asked for ID-even though we were the same age .

“I’m Asian.” she said, “I never get carded because I could be any age.”


Yes, yes…I know I’m supposed to blog about the other music video I was in, but the heat in New York City has left me lazy…maybe tomorrow.  Til then…

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