If you write it…they will come…

Thanks for visiting!  No really thank you!  As soon as I mentioned I was going on blog vacay for a bit, my stats went up…and you know what that means…gotta keep on keepin’ on…so I guess I’m not going on blog vacay after all.


There is a chair at work-in the locker room-that has been deemed the “pregnancy chair”.  I’ve been meaning to take a picture of it, but haven’t gotten around to it.  It seems that every female who has sat in the chair has gotten preggo-these ladies have been employees of the company, not independent contractors.-Everyone is avoiding the chair like the plague, I think they’re getting a new one.  Pregnancy would surely be a roadblock in an exotic dancer’s career, unless she was planning on retiring.


Since my last few posts, some interesting things have happened.  I was invited to the Hamptons for the first time in YEARS.  I do not think I will be going, although I was assured that I’d be able to sleep in a “guest house”…the topic of whether or not it would be in a bathtub or a floor was not broached.  Also…I think I’m doing a play in August!

I’m way pumped about this!  I haven’t done a play in ages.  Sure I do readings, and host karaoke and such from time to time…but an actual PLAY.  Wow!  I’m excited…and to top it off, it’s about Christopher Walken…how much cooler could that be?  I’m sad because I doubt that my friends who are “real” actors will give a flying f’ about the show…but Christopher Walken may actually come see it!  THAT’S cool.

Alrighty…more later.  Thanks for reading and follow me on twitter if you want to.


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