I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about being vain before.  Maybe I even used this same picture, I do not care.

The other night a girl told me she hated my hair color.  She just flat out offered, I didn’t ask.  I said to her, “I don’t care.  I don’t care what you think.”  She apologized.  I told her I wasn’t mad, I just really didn’t care what she thought.  I didn’t like her hair, but I didn’t feel the need to tell her.

Yeah, I’m probably a little vain and a little bitchy at times…I add “probably a little” in there because even though I’m admitting this, I think that I can say that I’m a decent person and treat others kindly and should be able to make that admission without getting judged too harshly.  I know that I’ve been a crappy daughter at times, sister, and most likely friend to some, and maybe I’ve grown more selfish over this past year, but I’m honest about that.  I think people deserve some type of kudos when they admit their flaws so blatantly.  I’m working on improving.  Really.


My latest obsession are eyelash extensions.  People ask me, “Wow…you have amazing lashes…are they real?”

“No.” I tell them.  “They are not.”  I mean, I spent the money on them to look “fake”, I’m not afraid to admit that they are.  I was using Latisse for awhile, and it worked, but you could only tell if I put on heaps of mascara.

“Why doesn’t your forehead move?” a young exotic dancer asked me one night.

“Because I pay money for it to not.”  I need some botox again soon, I think this time I’ll flip cam it and post the procedure.

Why are people afraid to admit certain things?  Like celebs getting plastic surgery?  It’s OBVIOUS that some of them have…why deny it?

Part of working in a business where things are so looks related cannot help but cause one to feel a little helpless and perhaps have bouts of anxiety which inevitabley leads to vanity.  On one hand it doesn’t make sense, considering that when I’m not working, or at an event or reading, I’m constantly without makeup and dressed as a soccer mom in sweats.

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