A Mid-Summer’s Eve Post…

I cannot believe it’s almost July.  Dear Lord where has the summer gone?  Where is it going?

It seems that each summer goes quickly than the last, and my summer “to-do” list never gets done.  I have two things that have been on my list FOREVER.

1.Finally go to the Hamptons-over ten years in New York City, and nope…I’ve still never gone.  At this point, I don’t even want to.

Whenever someone says, “Ooh I have a share in the Hamptons.  You should totally come!  Girls don’t have to pay!”  That means a few different things: You’ll be sleeping on the floor or in a kitchen or bathroom: I refuse to sleep in a bathtub, or with some douchewad as a flavor of the weekend.

2. Go to the beach.

I don’t take advantage of the beach that much.  In Los Angeles, it was walking distance from my apartment.  Here in New York City, it takes more of an effort.  Trains, transfers, and since I don’t like large crowds, going on the weekend is out of the question.  Perhaps I shall go to Atlantic City during the week.


One fun thing I did do was host Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke last week.  I love karaoke.  A lot of people do.  Do you like karaoke?  The following are some rules to ensure that your karaoke experience is the best it can possibly be:

Don’t ask the host “When do I get to sing?” over and over and OVER again…trust me on this one.  You’ll be pushed to the end of the line.

Don’t stand by the host thinking that you will “remind” them that you’re on the list and ready to sing.  It’s annoying and you’ll get pushed to the end of the line.

Is it your birthday?  Good for you.  But guess what?  There are at least one thousand other people in the world with the same birthday as you.  No one cares, I certainly do not.  It’s not that I’m not happy you were born, it’s just not a creative enough or special enough reason to get bumped up to sing anytime sooner than anyone else.

In closing to this mid-summer’s eve blog, make sure when you’re driving to keep in mind the picture above.

Thanks for reading….

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