Sometimes it’s easier to play dumb…

What a week of revelations and realizations…at least I’ve thrown up a gratuitous skin shot up on here to keep those visually stimulated coming back for more.


A good friend of mine from college is visiting me this week.  She’s one of the last one’s standing from those days, in the sense that I’m under the impression some of the others don’t approve of my happenings here in the city.

The cool thing about my friend is that she’s not ashamed to be my friend.  She still likes me despite my interesting profession and writing topics.  I don’t have to censor myself around her.  I’ve sadly come to find that some of my friends treat their pasts working in the sex industry, even as strippers, as joining the witness protection program-they want nothing to do with it, or others they have encountered.  For some reason, some of them have kept me in their orbit, but at a cautious distance…I question my role in their lives at this point truly.  I’m excluded from certain gatherings, and from meeting certain acquaintances of theirs.  It’s as if they expect me to spew out topics such as garters, fishnets, lapdances, and other various happenings in my life-and they don’t trust my judgement that I can hold a conversation about “normal” things.  Seriously, I can chat about things such as the BP Oil Spill, give my opinion and debate about other various topics, if I’m given the chance…yet…that chance usually doesn’t come around.

I don’t need people like that in my life.  Which leads back to the title of this blog.  Sometimes it’s easier to play dumb.  It’s easier to go along with their game…not worth causing an argument that will fall upon deaf ears.  I’m secure with who I am, and my past.  I’m just sorry that they don’t feel the same about theirs.  Sure I have my moments with it…but I’m human.

Because the majority of the time, I know what’s happening…but I pick my battles.

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