I’ve been watching The Tony Awards for YEARS.  When I was growing up, next to Miss America, these two events have had me glued to the television.

It was simple…I had two things in my mind.  I wanted to be Miss America, and I wanted to be on Broadway.  The Miss America thing never happened…which was alright with me, because ultimately I was more Vanessa Williams than any Miss America ever was or would be.

So tonight I’m at home watching The Tony’s…I’ve been living in NYC for over 10 years.  The closest thing I’ve done to a Broadway show was OFF Broadway, and off-off…but they were something.  Now I’ve come to accept the closest stage I’ll ever perform on will most likely have a pole on it….but in all seriousness, I do “readings” and host events throughout the city from time to time…I don’t think starring on Broadway is in the cards for me.  That’s something I’ve come to terms with over the past decade, but I can’t help but have a little envy every year I watch the Tony’s, and see friend’s and acquaintances live out their dreams onstage…I can’t help wondering what is coming next for me.

If you’re still reading this blog, and keeping up with it…thank you for that.  I will still be updating it, although I’m not sure how frequent the updates are, stick with me as things are going through a wee bit of change…it’s all good though.

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