Movie Review on SATC Deux…

My bestie, M, and I were looking for something fun to do tonight.  I went on a binge shopping spree-gotta max out that West Elm credit card and get my credit rating nice so I can buy me a co-op one of these days 😉  Ate a crapload of these caramels, which have been advertised as “the best caramels in the world”…and I believe they really are.

Then we passed a movie theatre just in time for the 9:15 screening of, SATC Deux.  Should we do it?  We asked ourselves, yes…we both have the same sense of humor, so we agreed that we’d be able to sit through it and make the best out of it, regardless of whether or not we loved it or hated it.

I didn’t love it…in fact I wasn’t close to hating it, but I felt that it truly “jumped the shark”.

Things I liked about the movie…well there weren’t many of them.  I did like the dynamic of Carrie and Big’s relationship, the whole honesty aspect, and the black diamond part of it (my ring size is a 6 FYI 😉 and that they had a separate apartment for “breathing” space.  That’s a good concept.

My FAVORITE part, was Liza Minelli singing “Single Ladies”…after that…it all went downhill.

Is there going to be a Sex and The City Three?  After going to Abi Dabi…what else could they do to further jump the shark?


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