Oh…it’s all a bunch of bull…

Sure I get some flack for posting the most mundane things ever on my blog…but to my readers I thank you for sticking with me through the boisterous times and the bland ones.


Yes it is true.  I have fallen off of the Red Bull Wagon.  It started with one at the end of my shift the other night, a choice that I immediately regretted when I couldn’t fall asleep.  Over the past few days, I’ve been on a Sugar Free Red Bull bender.  Chugging them incessantly at work, regardless of how late it is.  It doesn’t affect me.  I have yet to have a meltdown, and I don’t forsee that happening.  After I was given permission by management to have the Red Bull that ONE night.  I thought to myself, “Surely I can keep this under control.”  Besides, it’s better than downing Black Hous or Jager…right?

I ask for Red Bull without hesitation.  The people who choose to serve me always double check with me saying, “Are you sure you want one?”  and my answer is a resounding yes.


If my dreams of becoming a Red Bull Spokesmodel never come to fruition, I’ve stumbled upon another product that’s the polar opposite of Red Bull.

Dream Water

I’ve never tried it…but maybe it could be an excellent chaser.  In fact…I could go for one right about now.


On the writing front, I received a rejection letter regarding an essay that I considered my “baby” for the past two years.  I nurtured it, developed it…yet I suppose the publication wasn’t quite ready for what it was I had to say.  Maybe in good time something will come of it.  I hope so.  It sucks to have something you’re sitting on in fear of rejection, and to finally send it out into the world for it to…well…get rejected.  Back to the drawing board…but you know what?  At least I tried 🙂

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