A special thank you to everyone who came out to support me and the other readers at the Sex Workers Literari.  It was wonderful meeting other people in similar occupations and hearing so many different interesting stories.

So yeah…LONG time no blog.  Lots on tech difficulties seem to be happening with all of the electronic devices in my life…but today the light at the end of the tunnel has arrived.


Busy week for me.

Some women deleted me off of Facebook after I joined this group:


I mean seriously…I’ll still talk to you if you go see “Sex and The City II”.  Can you not take a simple joke?

Also, make sure that when you buy a cell phone off the internet that it’s not stolen or hasn’t “fallen off of a truck”…I was without cellular pleasure in my life for almost a week, and I have friends who have been a bit perturbed that I didn’t get back to them…but not having a cell phone is like missing a limb and feeling out of the loop in so many ways.  I remember the days when I had not a cell phone, but a landline and a pager…ghettofabulous.


A nighttime song for your listening enjoyment…feeling a little like some house/trance this evening as I try to unwind.

This blog MAY be going on vacation in the next week or so for updates and improvements.  Keep checking back, and an announcement will be made soon on the changes to come…and some more extremely exciting news.


Ahhh…I long for a tropical vacation right now.  It would work wonders.  For now, I’m just dreaming about it.

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