Sex And The City TWO….

I will make fun of women who go in throngs to see this movie.

HOWEVER…I’m also looking forward to seeing this film…so I can’t be one to point fingers.


On Friday night, I was walking down the street with my bestie, Mala, and we passed a line that went halfway down the block in the East Village of women decked out from head to toe in their “New York Sex and The City” outfits: Heels, that are entirely too high and hard to walk in, dresses-that do NOT look remotely like anything SJP and the gang would wear, pearls, and the occasional pissed off looking boyfriend standing with his arms folded, looking very mad that he was forced to see the film.  The only thing missing were cosmopolitans.


I will be wearing sweats and drinking Starbucks when I see this movie.

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