And the Bull Rears It’s Head Once More…

Well…I fell off the Sugar Free Red Bull Wagon.

It happened tonight at work.  I’m not ashamed of this or mad.  Well…maybe I’m slightly annoyed with myself, but there are far worse things to indulge in.  Yes, yes…I know it was stupid to have a Red Bull at 4:00am.  It was sitting on a table beckoning to me, I asked a customer if I could have it, he said yes, and I asked two managers close by if it would be okay.

“We’re closing in five minutes, can I have that Red Bull?  PLEASE?  I won’t ever ask for one again.  Just this once.”

They both looked at each other.  One nodded yes, the other said.  “It starts with one.”  So I drank it.  I walked over to another manager to say hi, and he almost looked disappointed to see that I was drinking a Red Bull.  He shook his head…maybe it was me just being paranoid and temporarily high off of the mega dose of caffeine.

Now it’s 5:00am.  I’m a bit tired, but I probably won’t fall asleep anytime soon.


So in a hurry to order a new cellular phone the other day, I thought I had found a good deal on the discontinued model I currently have that has malfunctioned a year and a MONTH after the warranty expired on it..hmm….coincidence?  I think not.  So I hastily order the phone, and realize that I’ve gotten such a good deal on it because it’s PINK.  I guess they don’t make them in black anymore and that they’re getting rid of the pink ones.  I might as well slap a Hello Kitty sticker on it.  I’m really not the kind of girl who openly carries pink accessories.  When I was hungover, I once bought a pink suitcase.  It’s a high quality piece of luggage, but I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I bought it.


Above is the flier for the reading I’m doing next week.  Email me here with any questions.

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