See the pic above?

Yup…I’m fried.  I just realized that it’s been about a year since I went on vacation.  Yes, I just got back from Nebraska, but that’s not really a vacation.


I’ve been pretty much without a cell phone for the past week.  As soon as I landed in Nebraska, my phone seemed to become “possessed” and I can receive text messages, but when I respond to them, all that comes out are a bunch of  “xxxxxfffffffff” ‘s.  It’s frustrating not having a phone that works, especially when I keep telling people to EMAIL me and they’re mad that I don’t text them back.  It’s sad that I’ve become so dependent on modern technology …I mean, really, who isn’t that dependent on it.


I need to go stock up on some more Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer.  Sure, I may make fun of Ed Hardy, but you know what?  They make a DAMN good hand sanitizer.  Really.  It smells like the beach, with a touch of bad cologne in it…just a wee touch.  Some people think it smells like basil and lime.  I just think it’s simply magical.

I have a reading Thursday, June 3rd…more details to come soon.

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