The Formula To a Successful Trip Home to See Mom and Dad and etc…

So I just returned from visiting my family in Omaha.  The picture above was taken in the movie theatre bathroom that was in a shopping mall.  I loved this bathroom.  It looked so cool and neon.  I didn’t do anything to alter this pic…it was THAT orange.  Why?…I do not know…but I loved it.

It was overall a good trip.  I met my sister’s new baby and it’s simply adorable.  I went to several stores, such as Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and Super Target.  I ate tons.  In a matter of 4 days I managed to become a “regular” at the local Starbucks, and when I walked in today the women knew exactly what I wanted to drink, and I said, “Oh that’s awesome, but I’m leaving town again for a few months so you’ll have to relearn it when I come back.”  They even gave me a discount on my drinks!  Wow!  Sure, Starbucks is a monopoly, but some of their employees sure are nice!


I have realized that four days is the perfect amount of time to spend with family.  I’ll break it down to you like this:

DAY ONE: You arrive, your family picks you up from the airport, odds are you haven’t seen them for awhile and it’s fun, you catch up, lunch, 2 sugar cookies from one of my fave cafe’s where I see a guy I went to high school with-who’s the sous chef at the cafe, we chat briefly.

DAY TWO: Coffee, Lunch, window shopping, coffee.  Back to cafe for more cookies, see the high school guy again, I buy FOUR cookies.  Dinner, meeting the new baby, going home watching tv.

DAY THREE: Everyone sleeps in, then coffee, lunch, Costco, movie, MORE coffee.  No cookies today.  Instead I have a cinnamon roll from Costco, and my dad hides the entire tray of them that we bought because he’s afraid I’ll eat them all…and he’s right…I probably would.  Then my mom takes us to get ice cream.  We get home, watch “Drag Me to Hell”, My sister and I telling my mother that she has a Facebook addiction, along with a Farmville one.  She’s not pleased with this.  Things are getting tense.

DAY FOUR: Slept a little too late, roll out of bed…coffee-say my farewells to my new friends at Starbucks.  By day four my routine of going to Starbucks twice a day has most likely become annoying to my family…I think we’re all getting on each other’s nerves, my mom made a comment about how messy my room had gotten, and I really did feel bad, but it was time to go to the airport, even though I really wouldn’t mind just staying “one more day”.

So there you have it…the perfect formula for a not too long yet pleasing trip to see the family.  I’m sorry to the people I didn’t get to catch up with on this trip.

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE:  It’s been WONDERFUL meeting some of you readers that have come into the club to say hello.  I apologize if I’ve been too busy working to take as much time as I’ve liked to, to answer any questions that you have about my time at Morgan Stanley, what I did there, etc…feel free to contact me through this blog with your questions and I will answer them when I have the time!

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