Just a Quickie…

I’ve been shut out of wordpress for a few days…not much time to blog at the moment…however I have to reiterate that Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer is truly one of the most amazing horrific conversation starters in the workplace, or anyplace for that matter.  Despite the fact that it slightly reeks of nights out on the Jersey Shore, it’s definitely worth $2.00 if you can find it at your local TJMaxx.


I heard that one of my exes’ gained about 80 pounds.  This made me happy.  Is this wrong?  Yes, it probably is…but he told me when we dated that I was a little chunky-I dropped some weight-now he’s the fat one.  He told me that my family wasn’t “rich enough” for him to consider dating me seriously…really?


Insomnia is really really good for ab definition.  My recent lack of sleep has really helped my physique…I’m probably also really dehydrated.


Above is a picture of another Ed Hardy product that I do not understand.  Ed Hardy Bed in a Bag.  This is one of the more “subtle” bedding sets that they have to offer.  There are more flashy prints out there…but if I HAD to sleep on Ed Hardy sheets or die, I’d probably choose the ones above.  Nothing says “Sweet Dreams” in a better way.

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