Ed Hardy…umm…Hand Sanitizer? REALLY?

I will preface this blog by truly apologizing to my friends who wear Ed Hardy and like it.

When I spent two years living in Los Angeles, my car battery died once and I had it towed to a place on Melrose.  While I was waiting for it to be replaced, I wandered to the nearest store…which was Ed Hardy.  Being new to Los Angeles in 2007 and wanting to fit in, attempting to keep up with the trends by reading US Weekly, I knew that I was in the right place to try and make that happen.  I looked at the display of trucker caps, t-shirts, hoodies, slutty dresses, and cringed when I saw the price tag.  A cap would cost well over $50.00…something that my part time stint as a stripper in El Segundo wouldn’t allow me to afford.  So I left the store, picked up my car, went home.  I never purchased a single Ed Hardy item.  I had issues with the pricing…the closest I ever came to it, was almost buying a “fake” Ed Hardy shirt from a flea market, but couldn’t bring myself to do so.

I pined for an Ed Hardy T-shirt…but that all changed when the dad from “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” started wearing the clothing line, as if the world was coming to an end.  The line no longer had the same coolness or sex appeal that it once had.


So I’m at TJMaxx tonight and what do I find but not only Ed Hardy wine glasses, shot glasses, candles, drinking cups, mugs, but also Ed Hardy HAND SANITIZER.  I had bought some new heels for work, and I DID need hand sanitizer.  I was originally priced at $12.99, which is pretty expensive…but I suppose that it’s not too bad considering it’s a “designer” brand, but I was in luck.  It had been marked down to TWO DOLLARS a bottle.  I bought four of them, and the cashier laughed at me.  Realistically though.  It was a lot cheaper than the same stuff from Duane Reade!

The Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer was definitely a great conversation starter and piece amongst the clientele at Rick’s tonight.  I learned about the history of Christian Audigier, not necessarily something I cared about…but hey…you just never know when you’ll learn something new and interesting.  My co-workers found the sanitizer amusing.  “Don’t tell me that’s actually Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer!” said one co-worker laughing, yet disturbed.  Yes it was.

I’m still trying to understand the reasoning behind Audigier’s decision to make hand sanitizer?  It obviously didn’t sell well, hence the huge markdown at TJMaxx.  Is it just me, or is that really selling out?  What’s next Ed Hardy Tampons?  Condoms?  The sky is the limit.  I’m already envisioning the packaging for the Tampons…with the skull, crossbones, some catchy slogan such as “I bleed for you!”…Ok…I’m taking this a little too far…bedtime for me.

To buy Ed Hardy Sanitizer online, go HERE.  Or really, just go to TJMaxx.

I started to really think about it…WHO IS Ed Hardy?  Well…if you care, go HERE.

Who is Christian Audigier?  Click HERE.

They even make Ed Hardy Champagne.

What a great night of learning about something…well…really interesting…but I don’t know how it can benefit me…oh well.

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