Deep Thoughts…

Okay okay…so I like sweets, at least I do lately.  I like sugar.  I like cupcakes.  I like Sugar Free Red Bull and Red Bull Cola.

My BIGGEST indulgences that I partake in EVERY day are espresso and sparkling water which is sodium free, I drink at least 2 gallons of it a day.  Yes…that’s a lot I know.  It’s WATER with bubbles and just as good for you.

All I’m gonna say is this…it’s better to binge on those things in moderation.  When I DO binge on them…I usually write about it.

Also…think of it this way.  Isn’t it better to binge on things such as these rather than, meth, cocaine, vodka, ALCOHOL?

I wish certain people would understand.  I don’t need to be reminded of what I’m doing wrong, can I not be given a little praise?…just a LITTLE for accomplishing something that may not seem big to some, but something that means the world to me?  Sheesh.

Sorry…this may not make sense to most of you.  I’m getting a little deep today, and high off of Billy’s Bakery Cupcakes.


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