Lorne Michaels…I love you.

Maybe I’m further outing myself as a dork, rather than some kind of obscure sex symbol.

My apologies, well…I KIND of apologize to Lorne Michaels for blatantly staring at you and your dinner party, as you sat looking out of the window at the Italian restaurant tonight on 50th and 9th ave. I was the woman in the black hooded sweatshirt, who did a huge double take, walked back to a trash can outside of the restaurant-threw out a smoothie-then stared at you for a second…and I really believe that you stared back at me.  I love you Lorne Michaels.  We made eye contact once before during the dress rehearsal taping of Saturday Night Live when Bill Paxton was hosting…so many, many years ago. You smiled at me, and the earth stood still…thank you for that moment Lorne.  Thank you.

I am not a psycho stalker.  I just appreciate your creativity.  I also suggest asking to not be seated close to a window, as it invites stares from obsessive hot fans such as myself.  I love you Lorne!

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