Is This Normal?

Shopping online when I wake up, coming off of my sleeping aids is almost as dangerous as shopping when I’m half asleep at night.  This is my latest downfall:

Gilt Group

Does it look good to you?  If it does message me and I’ll send you an “invite” to join and you’ll get a special prize (and I will too for getting people to sign’s win win).

I don’t know what possessed me to buy the “designer tea set” that was advertised the other day on the site, but I did.  It was around $40.  Does it matter that I don’t even drink tea?  I guess not.  I made the purchase promptly when I awoke, then coming to terms later after my morning coffee what I had done.  I mean it could be a lot worse.  I hate that a website can make something such as a glass tea pot look so enticing and pretty and get away for selling it for $40 to a non-tea drinker…but I guess that’s what aesthetic marketing can do for products.  The tea pot looked so magical I couldn’t not buy it…when it arrives in the mail, it’s just going to look like a glass bowl unless I actually make the effort to brew the special tea concoction that it comes with.  I can only thank God that they had “sold out” of the Fendi and Furla bags they had on sale the other day before I had a chance to buy something else I didn’t really need.  Whenever I leave my apartment, I restrict myself to the gym and Starbucks, to avoid making any other unnecessary purchases.


For my New School Writing buddies, (well…Jonathan you’re probably the ONLY one I really have who reads this, but I’m too lazy to email you right now), the KSG piece is FINALLY being sent out into the literary world for evaluation and hopefully publication.  Basically…I’ve written an essay and been editing and “sitting” on it for almost two years out of fear of rejection by a specific popular column.  I’ve learned that you never know what can happen unless you put yourself out there and try…so I guess that’s what I’m finally going to do.  Send it out, cross my fingers, hope for the best and expect the unexpected…kind of how I deal with life on a day to day basis.

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