What’s worse than drunk internet shopping late at night?

Shopping online after taking a prescribed benzo to fall asleep is NOT recommended.  “I’m not drunk…I’m not making any bad choices!” I tell myself as I click on “buy now”.  My rule of thumb is that I only buy things I really NEED for survival.  You know, like stuff from the Apple store, music, coffee, and groceries, maybe a bra or some panties from time to time…by the grace of God I managed to avoid purchasing the “vanity” running dress from Lululemon Athletica for $98.  Why must they call it a “running dress” if they advise you in the store to NOT run in it?


I think it’s pretty obvious that I enjoy things in mass quantities.  In lieu of Sugar Free Red Bull, and it’s cola cousin, I am now chugging sodium free seltzer water and having it delivered to me. All this thanks to Fresh Direct .  The world’s most amazing grocery delivery service in New York that makes shopping for food and household items in bulk, almost as fun as going to the Apple Store.

When I take a sleeping aid (like I did the other night) in my hallucinatory/half sleepy state, I thought it would be a great idea to go grocery shopping!  That half pound bag of edamame seemed like a fun purchase at the time…but more like a WTF when I woke up the next morning.  I’m sure there are worse things to buy than frozen soybeans though, so I’m not beating myself up about it…too much.

Now I have to be confined to my apartment for up to two hours tomorrow.  I will anxiously awaiting the SIX cases of Seltzer and various other random items I bought, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.  One odd thing was they were out of toliet paper for delivery until the first week of May.  At least I can go to the deli for that.


So I just stumbled upon this website: http://www.sodastreamusa.com/

I think I’m getting sucked in…I may do some late night shopping and buy this.  It’s the commercial they show on the site.  It looks so fun and easy and I could actually save money by purchasing a Soda Stream…it would take up so much less space than the SIX cases that are arriving and going to be scattered around my apartment.  God help me.

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