I Got Flowers!…and a few other random things…

I got flowers tonight.  Very exciting thing for me.  Very.  Of course in the middle of my happy dreamlike state I got a bizarre text from my ex that said, “Part of me still misses you.”

“Which part?” my date said who brought me the flowers.

“Yeah…exactly.  Like which part?  His d**k?”.

To the ex who texted me.  I wish you no ill will.  Thank you for a text that I guess was a meant as a compliment.

My flowers are lovely and sitting on top of my dresser and have made my evening.


Here’s something I’ve pulled out of my ass, but hey, it’s good advice.  Gluten free is the way to be.  Avoiding gluten has really helped me lose and now maintain weight.  If you do decide to try a gluten free lifestyle, keep in mind your body may go through a slight adjustment phase.


Ugh…I think they didn’t give me decaf like I asked for at Starbucks earlier….oh well…like being up late is a shocker.

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