Another night at the office…

So last night I’m sitting with a customer, and a floorhost comes up to me.

“Umm….someone is asking for you by first and last name.”

I’m thinking this is odd because usually if I have a friend that wants to come in, they give me the heads up.  So in strolls a guy who says, “Are you Randi Newton?”  and I say yes, and he shakes my hand.  “It’s awesome to meet you!  Tell me about Morgan Stanley!”  So we start chatting and he seems like a cool guy, and I’m curious how he’s suddenly got wind of my story, since it’s been a year since the media blitz.  It was kind of cool.  He told me he had been considering leaving his 9-5 job, which was also in finance.  I told him to look into working for Rick’s.  There are job opps for men there too (no not stripping).  He told me he’d send me his resume and I said I’d pass it on.  When he left he said, “Bye Randi Newton!”

The floorhost was kind enough to watch the whole scenario.  “It’s a little creepy, like stalkerish right?” he said, genuinely concerned.

“Oh no…this kind of thing usually doesn’t happen.  I kind of feel like Santa Claus.”  Maybe I should set up a chair in the front and charge for Polaroids.



I will be doing a reading at the Sex Workers Literari in June.  I’ll be reading a personal essay about my experience at Rick’s Cabaret, the NY Post/O’Reilly Factor media blitz, and how my life has changed in a positive way since all of that happened.  Date will be posted as soon as I have it!

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