My Review on LATISSE…

As promised another “As seen on TV” review


This stuff really works.  I do not have before or after pics taken to prove that it does, but Latisse isn’t paying me a dime to write this, I’m doing it out of my own free will.  And NO that’s NOT my eye above, it’s just something I took from google.


You will have loooooong lashes.

You apply it sparingly with a provided brush ONCE a night before bedtime.


It will take MONTHS at least three of consistent daily use to get those loooooong lashes.

People only noticed my long lashes if I was wearing mascara, unlike with eyelash extensions I could “get up and go” without bothering with makeup.

It can cause permanent iris discoloration if you have light eyes.  NOTE: I have GREEN eyes…I did NOT experience this side effect.

Now I’m not saying that Lattise caused my recent eye infection that was an allergic reaction to “something”, my optometrist wouldn’t confirm or deny that either, but seemed to encourage me to “not use it for awhile”.

I used Latisse for approximately 8 months before I kicked the habit.  My lashes were plenty long, you can switch to applying the product every other day-or 2-3 times a week for maintenance.

My lashes have become noticeably shorter since I stopped.  Yes, I’m saddened about this…but wanting long luxurious eyelashes was purely a vanity issue.  I can do without them…although I’ll probably get extensions for fun again in the near future.

You can get Latisse from ANY Doctor.  It is not available for over the counter purchase as of now.  It’s approximately $150 for a month’s supply and is not covered by insurance, although I’m sure there’s always some loophole that can be created (I’m surprised I didn’t think of one myself)

Any questions, comments much appreciated.

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