The Red Bull Ban Persists…

So I was invited to have dinner tonight at the club with my good pal Ronnie Mund, (Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern Show).  The management was nice enough to let me join him, even though it was my night off.

At first I had no desire to have a Red Bull.  I really didn’t, but then the peer pressure began.  People were talking about Red Bull.  I wasn’t working, I was off the clock…surely I could have one, right?  Just to make sure, Ronnie ordered one for me.


“I’m sorry but you are not allowed to have Red Bull at this table unless it’s served with alcohol.”  Of course this would be said, because I’ve told the club I’m currently not drinking since it’s my night off.  That made me want a Red Bull even MORE.

We left the club, Ronnie bought me two Red Bulls at a deli.  I got my “fix”.  Now it’s almost 6:00 am and I cannot sleep and I feel kind of crappy and wish I wouldn’t of had a Red Bull at all.

Ronnie and I went to karaoke, along with another friend of ours and sang a duet.  Good times!

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