Thursday…Tax Day…

I had two interviews today.  One went good, very good.  One went BAD. Very bad.  The annoying thing about having a blog is that anyone can read it, so I can’t really go into detail as much as I’d like to about a number of things.  If either one of the interviewers reads this blog, they will have no idea if I’m talking about them or not.  I interview well, and I’m polite, even when these interview things go wrong.  With that said, I was highly annoyed today.  At least the weather is splendid.


I’ve realized that whenever I leave my house, I “wander” into stores and spend money on things that I do not need.  Once again I found myself strolling to Central Park, almost making it to the Apple Store, then realized that the consequences would not be good if I went there, considering I just sent a hefty check to the IRS.  So I went into Walgreens instead, one of the last stores that still has Easter candy on sale, now for 75% off…however they’re all out of Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and Cadbury Eggs.  Now it’s just stale Peeps on sale.  Of course I could just buy Reeses Peanut Butter Cups…but there’s something about the Easter ones that taste more fresh and magical.  Seasonal candy is always fresher.

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